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Remote Work Solutions

Staff Working From Home?

Now, more than ever, it’s so vital that your staff remain connected and productive. But how can you provide them with the tools they need to work safely and maintain a high level of productivity?

We are all familiar with the issues that arise from working at home:

  • Back and neck pain from poor posture
  • Eye Strain and headache from Blue Light and Flicker, and using a small laptop screen
  • Wrist pain from continuous trackpad use.
  • Fall-off in concentration and productivity.

How we can help you:

  • Provide a complete, safe and easy-to-use remote work package.
  • Ergonomically designed devices
  • Delivered direct to staff with comprehensive setup guides
  • Fully managed Helpdesk to provide technical support
  • One Stop solution, freeing up your IT and HR departments.

Benefits to your Business and your Staff

  • Better productivity, health, and comfort.
  • Stronger connection and communication with the office.
  • Improved quality of engagement between teams and customers.
  • Greater accountability and sense of responsibility/ownership.

How It Works

We agree a supply contract, tailored to suit your requirements. This is then delivered by courier to each member of your staff. Included with the delivery is a step-by-step guide, to assist them with the initial installation.

What We Offer

We provide a tailored package of high quality equipment including an adjustable Monitor which has both Blue Light and Flicker Reduction, for less fatigue and eye strain.

The Package also contains an a Desktop Hub for easy and reliable connectivity of all devices. Also included is ergonomic wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination, designed to alleviate wrist and hand strain.

Other items may be added as required , such as Webcams and Headsets. We also supply 4G Broadband Routers, for stable Internet connection in areas where broadband is unreliable.

Service & Support

An annual Service Level Agreement provides a fully managed technical backup for the service, giving you complete peace of mind that your systems will continue operating perfectly and free up your IT and HR department for other tasks.

Your staff will have a dedicated ticketing system, with a fully monitored response time, and our support team will phone, to guide them through any issues they may have.

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