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Live Stream Studio

Hybrid Events Studio at The Heritage

Now more than ever it’s vital that we communicate with each other and stay connected with our colleagues and teams. To achieve this we have created the hybrid event whereby you can both broadcast to remote staff and at the same time present to a physical audience.  This is done by using both the live studio and the ballroom in The Hertitage at the same time.  This concept also extends to conferences, award ceremonies, launches, in fact any kind of event where you would have an audience in attendance.

Up to 100mb Upload speeds, assures your event will have a reliable stream everytime.

What are the benefits of a Hybrid Event?

  1. Physical conferencing may be a challenge for larger events due to social distancing measures currently in place. Hybrid events can range from small question-and-answer sessions to largescale conferences with hundreds of attendees.
  2. Delegates to the virtual event can experience the event and its content online rather aswell as gathering in-person.  (Health & Saftey guidelines would be applied)
  3. Our Hybrid Event set up will allow for delegates to present live on screen from The Heritage and share presentations with viewers.
  4. We can guarantee an exceptionally high-quality connection and sound provided by the team at All Event Productions who will manage all technical aspects. Your event will be seamless and ultra-professional with a wide variety of backdrops suited to your event.
  5. In this current climate we are adapting new and innovative eventing techniques. Lots of companies are concerned over hosting events especially if there are potentially 100’s of attendees. Instead of cancelling the event completely a Hybrid Event allows you to host your event in a safe and efficient manner by experts who can guarantee both the smooth running of the event and the health and safety of delegates.

Please call 00 353 (0)87 2568802 or email for further information.

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